Properly understand, communicate about, and use antibiotics.

The antibiotic information portal on is a central point of reference collecting all the most crucial information and content regarding antibiotics for the general public. Only together can we overcome the growing risk of resistance to antibiotics. That’s why all details about medications, research, assistance, and much more are presented here. Equipped with the AB.Coach app, anyone can contribute to preventing antibiotic resistance.

Richtig ist wichtig
"COrrect is important"

The campaign β€œRichtig ist wichtig” supports both specialists and laypeople in the proper use of antibiotics.

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The most crucial information before taking antibiotics:

Listen to your doctor and pharmacist!

Antibiotics should only be taken if a doctor has prescribed them for a bacterial or parasitic infection.

Indications regarding the duration, frequency, concentration, quantity, and prescribed medication must be precisely complied with in order to promote treatment success and avoid the creation of resistance.

Symptoms often improve significantly or even disappear entirely already on the second day of administration. This means that the body has the infection under control, but remaining potent bacteria are still present. In order for the antibiotic to render the bacteria harmless, however, patients must continue to take it as long as the doctor has recommended.

Take note of interactions and side effects!

Since broad-spectrum antibiotics also attack healthy bacteria, some antibiotics may cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Certain foods may weaken the effect of antibiotics. Milk, mineral water rich in calcium, and grapefruit should not be consumed in the course of antibiotic treatment.

The medication may destroy good bacteria in your gut and/or vagina. The result is frequently diarrhea and yeast infections.

You should avoid alcohol while taking antibiotics, as the accompanying inflammation intensifies your body’s circulation, causing the alcohol to be distributed much more quickly.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about further potential reactions, interactions with other medications, such as birth control, and prophylactic products for preventing side effects.